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Derkor hydraulic ram pump is an advanced hydraulic water-raising or lifting machine which is driven by flowing water. 

The products use neither oil nor electricity. They could be applied to drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation in mountain areas.

  • Product Advantages
  • Use of a renewable energy source, does not consume traditional fuel(petrol diesel and electricity), no pollution.

  • High efficiency and high lift, long life (more than 30 years service life).

  • Automatic, continuous operation requires no supervision.

  • Simplicity and reliability give a low maintenance requirement.

  • Product Applications
  • The irrigation of Mountain, semi-mountain, hilly country.

  • The irrigation of near reservoir, river, stream area.

  • Drinking water for people and livestock at mountain area.

  • Supply water for landscape and fountain.

  • The greening of barren hills.