About us

Beijing Derkor Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in research, manufacturing and sale of hydraulic ram pumps and providing services related.

Derkor hydraulic ram pump we developed is an advanced hydraulic water-raising or lifting machine which is driven by flowing water. 

The products use neither oil nor electricity. They could be applied to drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation in mountain areas and also could be used in providing drinking water, as well as water for fish pond and water landscape of resorts, villas and countryside villages. The products have enormous potential in application.

With the green energy promotion as the company mission, we aim at a sustainable development of the enterprise and maximizing clients’ benefits by providing energy-saving, low carbon emission products, thus making the environment clean and beautiful.

Our products have huge market potential and would gain increasing recognition from governments and communities. We look forward to working with clients and partners to promote the application of hydraulic ram pump products and to further explore the green energy market and contribute to the development of environmental protection and energy conservation.