In 1772 John Whitehurst of Cheshire in the United Kingdom invented a manually controlled precursor of the hydraulic ram, Joseph Michael Montgolfier, had added a valve, which made the device self-acting, making the ram pump almost a perpetual motion machine when water supplies were steady.


In 1809, the first American patent was issued to J. Cerneau and S.S. Hallet in New York.


A detailed book on the hydraulic ram, published in 1842, was in its 16th edition by 1870.


In 1879, The People’s Cyclopedia included the hydraulic ram among the 55 most important inventions in the history of mankind.


For more than 100 years rams were major movers of water to homes, farms, industries, railroads and towns. They contributed to improved crop production, introduction of extensive landscaping and gardening.


Along with the electric pump, the hydraulic ram pump has been shelved. Until the parts of electric pump are expensive, fuel shortages and environmental problems, the hydraulic ram pump back into the public’s mind.They need a pump that is inexpensive, requires almost no repairs or maintenance is self-acting,and which can raise water to a considerable height vertically.


Derkor hydraulic ram pump developed by Beijing Derkor Energy Technology Co., Ltd in recent years, has absorbed the advantages of foreign hydraulic ram pump and improved the corrosion, abrasive wear and metal fatigue of the spring rebound device. In addition, Derkor hydraulic ram pump uses rare earth and high magnetic device to make it work without touch and wear for a long time. Derkor hydraulic ram pump with high efficiency and reliability will be prevalent and common used in more than 70% mountainous areas and west under-population regions that lack electricity and oil, and it will make a contribution to our energy conservation and carbon emission.

History of ram pump