The working principle of hydraulic ram is to use surge pressure which is produced after flow blocked and ten times higher than normal to lift water.

Derkor hydraulic ram is composed by drive pipe, pump body, waste valve, delivery valve, pressure valve and air chamber

Before working, waste(aka“impetus”) valve stays open under the action of magnet spring while delivery valve keep closed under the action of magnet spring and its gravity. It can work automatically when we control the waste valve to repeat the operation procedures of open and close. After that, water with different levels will flow out through water drive pipe and opened waste valve, and running water will drive the waste valve to close when the pressure inside the waste valve surpass that in magnet spring, and that is the water hammer. At the moment, water pressure rapidly increases and enforces the delivery valve to open, and some water flows into air chamber. Pressure inside the waste valve drops promptly and the waste valve reopens under the action of magnet spring and negative pressure. While delivery valve closes again by the action of self gravity and the pressure in magnet spring and air chamber. By the action of water flow, movements foregoing repeat automatically. And water will flow out through the delivery pipe when the pressure in air chamber exceeds that in lifting pipes.

How does rampump work