Installation Method 1


If spillover dam has sufficient water Fall, the pump can be installed near the downstream directly, show as below:

Installation Method 2


If the water fall is small, the installation conditions are not satisfied, or the hydraulic ram pump must be install a fixed position, a water tank is made near the pump is necessary, water from the source flowing into the water tank through supply pipe (the water level of water tank is same as supply pipe), then water tank supply water to ram pump, show as below:

Installation Method 3


To obtain more Fall, it will be need to install two different pipes in water source and ram pump, one is supply pipe, the other is drive pipe, use a “T” fitting to join a stand pipe, In a way this brings water source much closer to the Ram pump, to provide sufficient fall and water level for drive pipe. Both supply pipe and drive pip need to run straight to achieve good water hammer effect, in order to assure enough water available, the supply pipe must be larger than drive pipe. The stand pipe can be PVC pipe or steel tube with top open, the diameter of stand pipe must be at least two sizes larger than supply pipe, the top of the stand pipe should be a few inches above the water level at the source to prevent overflow.


Supply pipe and drive pipe should be in one straight line

Supply pipe more than drive pipe large diameter


Installation method