What is water fall?

Fall is the vertical distance between the water level at the source and the point where water enters the water ram pump.

What is water level?

Water level is the vertical height from the source of water to inlet of drive pipe, the higher the water level, the more water will be pumped.

What is drive pipe?

Drive pipe is the section of supply pipe which gives the thrust to the Ram and is most important for the function of Ram pump, the length of drive pipe is 6-8 times of the water fall.

What is Lift?

The lift is the vertical height which water will be pumped.

What is quantity of flow?

Water flow is the quantity of water output, it is the volume of water delivered in unit time.

What is water of drive pipe needed?

It is the quantity of water flow into the drive pipe which make the ram pump work normally.

What is stand pipe?

If you have to go downstream some distance to obtain more fall, it will be necessary to use a stand pipe and supply pipe, both the supply pipe and drive pipe will need to run straight through from the source of supply to where the ram pump will be located on the straight incline, this can be done by using an open steel stand pipe, the supply pipe must always be at least one size larger than the drive pipe. Use a T fitting to join the two pipe s with the open stand pipe. The stand pipe must be at least two sizes large than the supply pipe. The top of the stand pipe should be a few inches above the level of the water at the source to prevent overflow.

Why fall is so important?

A hydraulic ram is powered by gravity. Water moving downward through a drive pipe gains momentum, which is used to pump a portion of the water upward to its destination. The amount of water delivered is proportional to the fall.

What head of water is required to operate the ram pump?

The pump working at 0.5meter-7.5meters, the minimum water fall is 0.5 meters, the larger of water fall, the more water can be pumped.

Must the drive pipe be made of steel?

Because of its rigidity, steel pipe gives the greatest water hammer effect, which provides the most efficient operation of the pump. The use of steel pipe is recommended wherever possible.

The use of high-pressure hard plastic pipe may be possible, but with significantly reduced performance. In some cases such plastic pipe may be preferable where the reduction in performance is acceptable. For example, plastic pipe may be easier to install, and may avoid problems arising from corrosive water.

Normal agricultural plastic piping should not be used for the drive pipe. While it may operate with the performance reduced even more, the water hammer is likely to burst the pipe after a period of operation.

How should the drive pipe be installed?

The drive pipe does not need to be in a single straight line, or at any particular angle to the horizontal. For convenience of transport to the location where the pump will operate, the drive pipe can be assembled from shorter lengths of pipe connected together. When a pipe is used to collect water to drive the pump, the entrance of the pipe is best located well below the surface of the water at least 30cm, away from the bottom, and with a filter.

Does drive pipe can be installed vertically?

No, drive pipe cannot create repeat water hammer if install vertically, it cause ram pump stop working.

What happens if bubbles of air flow into the drive pipe?

Air bubbles reduce the amount of water hammer in the drive pipe. This will reduce the efficiency of the pump, or may cause it to stop.

How high can the pump raised water?

A drive head of 2 meters of water can achieve an output head of over 100 meters , and a drive head of 1.5 meters can give over 50 meters output head. The quantity of water delivered at these maximum heads is small.

How much water will be pumped?

Water lifting of the ram pump depending on lots of factors, such as the eater height, working fall, water of drive pipe need, angle between drive pipe and ground lift and so on, the working fall is bigger and the lift is smaller, the carry water will more and more.

How do I stat the ram pump?

The gate valve should now be opened to let water into the pump. The pump may start automatically.

The waste valve may simply close and prevent water flowing to waste if the pump do not stat automatically, the pump requires a certain amount of back pressure in the delivery pipe for correct operation. This is why manual operation of the waste valve may be necessary to initially build up some pressure in the delivery pipe. If the delivery pipe is long and sloping gently uphill, it may take a while to get sufficient back pressure.

Where the delivery head is small, in some circumstances the back pressure may not be enough for correct pump operation. this can be overcome by closing the gate valve of delivery pipe for restricting the water flow coming out of the delivery pipe, close the gate valve of delivery pipe when the pump start normally.

Does the ram pump can be used in more sediment rivers?

Yes, but some technical processing should be done in the engineering construction.

If there are too much silt in the river, it will be reduce the working life of the rubber valve, in this case, there are two tanks needed, one is for silt sediment, the other is for storing and providing clean water for drive pipe.

Can a ram pump be submerged in water?

No. It requires air to operate properly. Excess water must be drained away from the pump.

Can a water ram pump water from a well?

It can be used on an Artesian well, but not a regular deep well. For a regular well, try a solar pump or a hand pump.

Does the ram pump require much maintenance?

A few of the rubber gaskets may need to be changed, but for the most part, no regular maintenance is necessary. The frequency of required gasket changes will depend on water quality and your specific application. Generally, gaskets need to be replaced every two to five years.

How long the ram pump will be used?

The ram pump has long life, at least 30 years, in foreign country there are some pumps installed before 70 years still working.

Will freezing have an effect on the working of the ram pump?

Because water is continuously moving through the system, freezing temperatures will not affect the Water Ram so long as the water supply is not frozen. The Ram and pipe should be encased in areas that experience extreme temperatures.

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